Join us for "Camp" Techne Online Soccer Camp All Summer Long!

Training Tips

Browse the session before heading out to train.

It will help to be familiar with the drills and maybe even walk through a few of them.

‘Level up’ or ‘level down’ for each drill as necessary.

The system is designed so that everyone is doing the same training session each week. But sometimes you'll need to take a step back or be up for a more difficult progression. Feel free to look through all the versions of a drill before selecting the one that is best for you that day. You can view these by selecting ‘Adjust Difficulty’ on the drill page.

Select ‘More Info’ for pointers on technique or ideas of what you can track.

You can view these tips by clicking ‘More Info’ at the end of the description for each drill.

Consider your training surface.

The surface you train on can play a huge role in helping your development. For beginning jugglers, consider training on a hard surface (blacktop, gym floor, etc.) so that the ball can bounce if you drop it or you can practice with one bounce. A hard surface can also be used as an additional challenge to practice dribbling because the ball will roll quicker on this surface than on grass or turf.

The more you do, the better! You’re on your way to the next Techne sock level.

You can never do too much training with the ball! Familiarize yourself with our Training Sock System, set personal goals, and dedicate yourself to the process of mastery. You can see how much you're training in comparison to others on the Leaderboards.

Enjoy your training and be proud to share it!

We encourage you to post about your training experience on social media! Tag us so we can see: @technefutbol.