Establish your lasting soccer foundation

Screens inside the Techne Futbol App Fundamentals Training

Learn How to Train and Play With Techne Fundamentals

The Fundamentals is designed as a focused blueprint for beginning players of any age and parents of young players.

Develop the habit of individual training

Learn how and why to train each skill

Get specific guidance on how much to train

For parents, find tips on how to support

Get comfortable with the ball at your feet, from running with the ball in large spaces, to out-maneuvering defenders and freeing yourself in tight spaces.
Passing, trapping, and shooting all starts with a basic kick! You'll learn how to train with a wall to develop the most frequently used skill on the field.
Juggling takes a lot of time and practice, and we break it down to help you get the hang of the skill and track your progress as you go.
And more!
Mini lecture series with FAQs on how to train, how often, whether you’re doing it right, and how a parent can support a young player in the process.

Learn & Train

Following the Fundamentals program is a trustworthy way to build confidence and ball skills.

Screens in the Techne Futbol training app

Read the new session notes and watch the FAQs

When your new sessions go live, check out the learning material! The mini lectures will take up to 10 minutes to watch and you’ll get great information for your stage of training.

Study each session and the training recommendations

In each phase of the Fundamentals you will have 3 sessions. Your first task is to get comfortable with the drills and understand how much time to dedicate to each session.

Plan your training days and times

Plan your training time so that you can complete the recommended training each month before progressing to the next phase.

Have fun and reflect!

Your training may be challenging but it should also be fun! Reflect on the hard work you are putting in and where you feel your skills are developing.

What to Expect in the Training

Each month you'll get:

New training sessions with instructions on how much time to spend on them.

Drill video demonstrations and explanations for each skill.

New mini lectures with answers to stage-specific FAQs.

Access to purchase Techne Training Socks as you hit new levels!

A Full Curriculum to Establish Core Skills

The Fundamentals is broken down into key training phases, each with its own set of recommendations and sessions.

The Foundation

Ball Mastery

Basic 2-Touch Passing

Basic Ladders

Core Skills

Ball Mastery

Basic 2-Touch Passing

Juggling and Consistency

Essential Touches

Turns and Moves

1-Touch Passing

Varying Juggling Surfaces

Total Control


Distance Passing

Refining Your Touch

Nimble Feet

Dribbling Footwork

Varying Passing Surfaces

Juggling Control

Challenging Your Base

Dribbling Deception


Keeping The Ball Up

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