How long does the weekly session take to complete?

If you go through the weekly session one time from start to finish, it can be anywhere from 30-90 minutes of actual time on task. Each drill allows you to train for 1-3 minutes and you'll need some rest between each and time to check out the next drill. You can do each drills, sections of the session, or the entire session as many times as you want during the week, though!

Can more than one player use the same account?

Each Techne account will only track the time trained and Time Trial scores for one player. You're welcome to have friends or siblings train alongside you, but the app will not track their progress.

Will I be able to save the weekly session to do again later?

We allow access to the current weekly session as well as the previous two weeks. Don't worry, though, all exercises will repeat over time so if you're dedicated to your training you'll notice that the sessions are continually cycling back through basic repetitions as well as always introducing new drills.

How can I be sure that the training will be of an appropriate level?

A lot of the drills have 'Level Up' and/or 'Level Down' options and we encourage you to work at YOUR skill level. Players as young as 6 years old as well as professional players are using Techne to train!

How can I find a wall?

Having a go-to wall is an integral part of our Training System. We suggest searching by tennis courts, school yards, parking garages, and gym areas. Racquetball courts are perfect for our training and some people are even fortunate enough to have a place at their house with a wall. Be creative - you can often identify a great training wall anywhere you go!

What if I’m injured or coming back from an injury?

The Techne app is great for someone coming back from an injury who is allowed to train but not yet ready for full contact. If you're not cleared to do this training or are feeling pain, never push through that! However, if your training is just somewhat limited you might find the Techne Training System to be the perfect fit. We recommend checking with an expert if you’re unsure what training you can or should be doing on your return from an injury.

What if I don’t understand what to do or am not sure if my technique is correct?

We want to be a resource for you! If you aren't sure if you're doing it right, just do the best you can as the session is going, but after the drill is over, take a video of yourself (or have someone else take one) and send it to us for feedback:

What if I get an incoming text or call while I’m training?

Stop being so popular! Just kidding. Incoming texts won't affect your session at all. An incoming call might pause the timer if you're mid-drill so you could end up working for longer without knowing. You can opt to start the drill over if necessary. Not the worst thing that could happen, but tell your friends not to call while you're training...