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The Complete Guide to Training On Your Own

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Techne PRO offers a guide for everything you can do to take your development into your own hands, and become the best player you can be.

Train any time, anywhere.

Access sessions of all types to become a complete player.

Set training reminders and track your progress.

Get free swag when you join and hit training milestones!

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Why Train on Your Own?

Increase confidence

Get more playing time

Improve ball control

Be more prepared for games

Refine technique

Create good habits

Improve your weak foot

Progress towards your goals

Train With The Best

Here’s what the leading soccer coaches have to say about Techne founder, Yael Averbuch.

"I can not think of a better person to teach players technical aspect of the game. Yael has tremendous love and passion for the game that has guided her through her career and helped her become a very good player. The ability to perfectly demonstrate the techniques is just going to make everything she does more personal. Yael has already proven that she can reach lots of young players that are willing to accept her advice and follow her footsteps."
Vlatko Andonovski

Vlatko Andonovski

Head Coach, U.S. Women’s National Team

"One of the hardest things to predict in collegiate recruiting is how effectively a talented player will organize her life to improve. Yael was the poster child for this “self coaching” while she played for me. Her freshman year she fought her way into the starting lineup and by her sophomore year she was the National Player of the Year and a National Champion. She achieved this with what she designed and did on her own."
Anson Dorrance

Anson Dorrance

Head Coach, University of North Carolina

Stay Motivated by Tracking Your Progress Over Time

Keep track of useful information as you train, and set reminders that work with your schedule.

Techne Futbol App Tracking Screen

56 Juggling, Dribbling, and Passing Skill Tests

Benchmark your scores with our Time Trials then work to improve them over time.

Detailed Training Log

Look back and see what training you did, when, and for how long.

Specific Time Tracking

You'll know how much time you’ve spent training your technique, body, mind, and even on recovery.

Training Streak

Every consecutive day you train at least 10 minutes counts towards your training streak.

Earn Real Swag

The Techne Training Sock System is like the belt system in martial arts. As you spend time training, you progress!

White sock
Yellow sock
10 HRS
Orange sock
25 HRS
Green sock
50 HRS
Blue sock
75 HRS
Purple sock
100 HRS
Gray sock
250 HRS
Red sock
500 HRS
Black sock
1000 HRS
White sock
White Sock Level
+1 Min Trained

White signifies birth or beginning. A white sock student is a beginner in the process of master.

Yellow sock
Yellow Sock Level
10 hrs trained

Yellow represents sunlight, a symbol of new strength. This represents the student’s progress.

Orange sock
Orange Sock Level
25 hrs trained

The color orange symbolizes the sun that is growing in power. The student is improving rapidly.

Green sock
Green Sock Level
50 hrs trained

Green represents the growth of a seed sprouting. The student is becoming something greater.

Blue sock
Blue Sock Level
75 hrs trained

Blue signifies the sky. A student moves upward in development, reaching towards the sky.

Purple sock
Purple Sock Level
100 hrs trained

Purple represents the sky changing color at dawn. The student is undergoing change as they push forward.

Gray sock
Grey Sock Level
250 hrs trained

Gray represents maturity, similar to brown in martial arts. Like the hair turns gray with age and wisdom, the student has matured.

Red sock
Red Sock Level
500 hrs trained

Red is another representation of the sun, as the student nears it. The student is becoming very advanced.

Black sock
Black Sock Level
1000 hrs trained

Black signifies the first level of mastery. The student may now begin to teach others, but still continues to grow.

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