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Support your players with year-round individual training and connection to your program.
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Over 20% of State Associations Offer Techne!

Offer the best-in-class for at-home training and skill development.

Give players a sense of connectedness between group sessions.

Compete with other ODP programs.

Keep coaches in-the-know with access to player training stats.

Techne Futbol App Tracking Screen

The Player Experience

All players get access to the Training App branded with your logo.

Technical skill development through quality reps

Train anywhere, any time with minimal equipment

Building confidence through extra work and access to Mental Training

ODP-specific Leaderboards
to compete with peers

The Coach Experience

Give your full staff access to the Manager Portal.

Easily manage and update rosters

Set up weekly wrap-up reports directly to your inbox

Track team and player training stats

Send training assignments and messages to players

Screens in the Techne Futbol Manager Dashboard

Help your players reach their potential.

In our 2021 Player Survey we asked players what was most important to them in their personal development as players. We got some great information!

Simple Pricing

All plans come with an age/gender breakdown for easy tracking on the administrative side and a customized in-app experience for players.

Rostered Players Only


Provide access to players that are selected for your program.

All Players Who Try Out


Provide access to all players that attend ODP tryouts.

Technical Directors Love Techne!

“As Technical Director of both a club and state association, I have seen first hand the high level of use by players and coaches who are able to monitor and motivate their players using the Techne platform! Players compete in a friendly manner to see who can train and accelerate their development the most. The weekly and monthly reports are great reward and motivational tools!”

Kevin Crow

Director of Player Development & Competitions, Cal North

"Since 2020, our ODP players have benefitted from the Techne App. Techne has provided our players with the option to hone their technical skills outside of their ODP and Club teams. The feedback we've received has always been positive. Techne is an app that will assist any players looking to develop comfort on the ball."

James Galanis

Director of Technical Operations, New Jersey

"We only see our selected ODP players once a month, so it's a good way for our coaches to stay connected with players between ODP events and it allows them to monitor and encourage the player in their individual development. For players that were not selected, our hope is that they will use Techne throughout the year to improve their technical ability on the ball so that they have a better chance of being selected next year."

Gareth Glick

State Technical Director, South Texas

Techne has been a great value add for our ODP players and their families. The structure of ODP does not allow for weekly engagement, and providing a platform for the players to continue their development between state camps is ideal. Techne does a great job breaking down daily skills the kids can work on independently taking ownership of their improvement. Highly recommend the app for any teams that are trying to encourage personal development with their athletes.

Jeremy Tosoya

Director of Coaching, Nebraska