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Why Train With Techne?

Training on your own is the best way to improve!

Become a better player

Build confidence

Achieve your personal goals

Contribute more to your team

Train Every Aspect of Your Game









New, Guided Training Sessions Each Week

Every week a new session goes live with a different focus and 3 training progressions.

"This is the tool I would have gone crazy for as a player!"

Yael Averbuch, Techne Founder
U.S. National Team, 2006-2013

Track Your Improvement

Skill Tests

Practice Log

Set Reminders

Training Streak

Hit Your Targets

Training Calendar

Earn Real Swag

The Techne Training Sock System is like the belt system in martial arts. As you spend time training, you progress!

White sock
Yellow sock
10 HRS
Orange sock
25 HRS
Green sock
50 HRS
Blue sock
75 HRS
Purple sock
100 HRS
Gray sock
250 HRS
Red sock
500 HRS
Black sock
1000 HRS
White sock
White Sock Level
+1 Min Trained

White signifies birth or beginning. A white sock student is a beginner in the process of master.

Yellow sock
Yellow Sock Level
10 hrs trained

Yellow represents sunlight, a symbol of new strength. This represents the student’s progress.

Orange sock
Orange Sock Level
25 hrs trained

The color orange symbolizes the sun that is growing in power. The student is improving rapidly.

Green sock
Green Sock Level
50 hrs trained

Green represents the growth of a seed sprouting. The student is becoming something greater.

Blue sock
Blue Sock Level
75 hrs trained

Blue signifies the sky. A student moves upward in development, reaching towards the sky.

Purple sock
Purple Sock Level
100 hrs trained

Purple represents the sky changing color at dawn. The student is undergoing change as they push forward.

Gray sock
Grey Sock Level
250 hrs trained

Gray represents maturity, similar to brown in martial arts. Like the hair turns gray with age and wisdom, the student has matured.

Red sock
Red Sock Level
500 hrs trained

Red is another representation of the sun, as the student nears it. The student is becoming very advanced.

Black sock
Black Sock Level
1000 hrs trained

Black signifies the first level of mastery. The student may now begin to teach others, but still continues to grow.

"Yael Averbuch was the poster child for this "self coaching" while she played for me. Her freshman year she fought her way into the starting lineup and by her sophomore year she was the National Player of the Year and a National Champion. She achieved this with what she designed and did on her own. This commitment to improve is at the core of any kind of athletic greatness and Yael is the ideal person to share how it's done."

Anson Dorrance

Head Coach, University of North Carolina

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This app has everything you need to elevate your game to the next level. If you or your child is looking to take your development into your own hands, this is a great place to start and keep going!

by 11keduke

July 5, 2022

Techne is a great way to practice my soccer skills, And I’ve really improved a whole bunch! It’s easy to operate there’s videos explaining how to do the activity you have to do, and there’s even things you can do inside if it’s raining, snowing, or the weather is not well, you can do it inside! Techne is great and I think you should give it a shot!

by hdjjsis

April 26, 2022

It has drills on everything even your mentality, I feel like it has helped me on every skill I didn’t feel comfortable about. You can set your difficulty if it’s to easy or to hard. One of the best training apps I’ve used.

by BroKen114

April 20, 2022

I love Techne so much. I can compete with teammates doing different drills made up of dribbling skills, wall passing, and juggling. Coaches can see your progress too. You can also put in custom leaderboards with sisters, brothers, or other friend not on your team. You can see improvement within yourself, and become a way better soccer player. To keep a streak you have to complete ten minutes of training a day. One thing I would recommend is putting in a function where players can put in how long their games are and that could count towards your streak minutes. I know that people could misuse that though. But also I know you are supposed to train outside of set games an practices so understand why not to put that in. All and all the I have seen improvement in juggling and one on one moves. I love this app!!

by Qballer 2325

April 9, 2022

Why I love Techne Futbol is because when my soccer is canceled because of the weather, it helps me train by myself. It also helps me compete with my teammates. I became captain because of it!!

by jfjgjufjnbnguuf

March 21, 2022

I wish we had known about this app years ago. My 13yo daughter loves Techne and has seen significant improvement in her skills since she started using it 56-ish days (and counting!) ago. We live in the PNW and she is thrilled to finally have a way to practice indoors when it is too wet and dark outside to practice in the backyard. Being able to compete against other players is a the icing on the cake.

by emilyfrances5

February 13, 2022

The Techne platform has helped coaches support their players in many aspects of development. Since our players began utilizing the app, I have seen more comfort with the ball, more ideas, more players willing to use their 2nd favorite foot, better balance and coordination. I have also seen some players learn how to make time for their own development, set goals, challenge a teammate; all skills that will help in other avenues of life. Coaches also have support in providing assignments to do at home with videos, a variation of levels. It’s got it all. Techne continues to listen, engage and grow as well so there is always something new.

by Allmann Joy

December 27, 2021

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