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3 Best Practices For Coaches

Talk to the players about their training WEEKLY.

It’s important that the players (and parents) understand the importance of individual training and that it’s something you’d like the players to be doing on a weekly basis throughout the year. Help your players get started with the app by checking who is yet to register for their accounts.

Be SPECIFIC about what players should do.

Tell your players exactly what you expect of them. It’s most effective to set a minimum standard for how much players are doing on their own each week. This should be something that you know all players can accomplish (e.g. 20-30 minutes/week). You can Create An Assignment for them directly through the app.

Hold players ACCOUNTABLE and acknowledge their work.

Your players do what you praise them for or praise their teammates for. If you create a culture of noticing who is working hard on their own on a weekly basis, you’ll have more players join that group. You can check your Leaderboards or Create Custom Graphics to help with this!