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Group Accessibility Program

It is very important to us that players have access to quality training, and this is our way of giving back and supporting the community. Our Techne Accessibility Program is reserved for groups that fund programming for their players. Opportunities will be awarded purely based on COMMITMENT and NEED. We want to understand the community impact of your program, and how we can support your players.

*Please do not apply for this program if you are able to afford a group subscription but simply did not choose to budget for it. We would like to reserve these opportunities for charity- or community-based programs.

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If your players pay substantial dues, this application is not for you.
If your program is primarily funded by player dues, this application is not for you.
Qualifying groups must demonstrate that they are largely charity- or community-based.
If you are paying for other technology resources and just have not included Techne in your budget, this application is not for you.
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