“Techne” is a term, derived from Ancient Greek, that’s translated as craftsmanship, craft, or art. The training system is a systematic approach to developing and sharpening the technical tools necessary for soccer. 

Techne emphasizes spending time in deep practice, focused on mastering basic repetitions and challenging the mind and body on a regular basis to perform skills more quickly, cleanly, and efficiently. The training progressions can be done anywhere at any time with very little equipment and space needed.

The Techne Training System helps players delve into the process of mastery, by providing guidance and support along the journey.

One of the hardest things to predict in collegiate recruiting is how effectively a talented player will organize her life to improve. It is a strange alchemy of love of the ball, love of the game, drive, self discipline but also an understanding of what to do, how often you do it and how deliberately and intensely. Yael Averbuch was the poster child for this “self coaching” while she played for me. Her freshman year she fought her way into the starting line up and by her sophomore year she was the National Player of the Year and a national champion. She achieved this with what she designed and did on her own. This commitment to improve is at the core of any kind of athletic greatness and Yael is the ideal person to share how it’s done.

— Anson Dorrance, Coach, 22-time Collegiate Champion, University of North Carolina, 1991 World Champion
Yael is one of the most technical soccer players in the world. She has a unique expertise, and is eager to share it with the next generation of players. She is an intelligent, diligent person and a highly motivated athlete, and there is no doubt in my mind that this will be a successful endeavor.
— Heather O'Reilly, 3-time Olympic Soccer Gold Medalist and World Cup Champion
I have been involved with the United States Women’s National Team program for a long time and there are players that have come through the youth teams over the years that have made a lasting impression on me for one reason or another. Yael Averbuch is one of those players. The two things that I will always remember about Yael is her love for the game and her motivation to improve. And the second is her technical ability. She worked hard at her game and one of the main reasons she was able to reach her goals internationally and professionally was because of her ability to handle the ball under pressure. I cannot think of a better person to introduce an application on developing technical skills in the game of soccer than Yael Averbuch.
— Steve Swanson, Coach, University of Virginia, Asst. Coach, U.S. Women's National Team
I can not think of a better person to teach players technical aspect of the game. There are so many different reasons that makes Yael special and suited for something like that. First and foremost she is a great person, cares, and has respect for people and for the game. Yael has tremendous love and passion for the game that has guided her through her career and helped her become a very good player. The ability to perfectly demonstrate the techniques is just going to make everything she does more personal. Yael has already proven that she can reach lots of young players that are willing to accept her advice and follow her footsteps.
— Vlatko Andonovski, 2-time NWSL Champion coach, FC Kansas City, 2013 NWSL Coach of the Year