For Players

$37.99/month or $279.99/year


Technical Training

A new individual technical session becomes available in the app at 5pm EST every Sunday. Each session includes Juggling, Dribbling and Wall Work. Players can go through the session as many times as they want. Our series of Time Trials are always available for players to score themselves and track their improvement. The training is designed so that players can be completely self-sufficient.

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Mental Training

We must train our mind as well as our body. When you visualize or imagine succeeding, you are exercising the same regions of your brain as you use to perform the actual activity. Techne Mental Training consists of short recordings on various aspects of the game. You can do them any time and anywhere. The more you use them, the better you will get!


Techne GK

Techne GK is designed by professional goalkeeper and 2-time Olympic gold medalist Nicole "Barnie" Barnhart. Join our Techne GK mailing list to get tips on goalkeeping in the modern game and insight on how you can best use the current Techne sessions. You'll be kept in the loop when goalkeeper-specific training will be offered in the app.

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 What’s Included


Weekly Training Sessions

Time and Score Tracking

Training Socks

Wireless Headphones*

Techne T-Shirt*

*For annual subscribers only

For subscribers outside the U.S., if you would like to receive the Techne gear associated with your subscription, we ask that you cover the costs of shipping/handling/customs.

Financial Aid Scholarships

We believe that any player who is dedicated to getting better should have the opportunity to train with Techne.

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 Sock System

Log Time. Earn Socks.


0 Hours

White Socks

White signifies birth or beginning. A white sock student is a beginner in the process of mastery. Everyone in the Techne community is eligible for the white socks.


10 Hours

Yellow Socks

Yellow represents sunlight, a symbol of new strength and the beginning of life. This represents the student’s progress as the gain knowledge and become more skilled.


25 Hours

Orange Socks

Orange symbolizes the sun that is growing in power. The student is improving rapidly and preparing for further development. A lot of progress is still to come.


50 Hours

Green Socks

Green represents the growth of a seed sprouting upward, becoming a plant. Like the sprout, the student is becoming something greater. During this stage, development speeds up greatly.


75 Hours

Blue Socks

Blue signifies the sky and continued growth. A student moves upward in development, just as a plant reaches into the blue sky as it grows. It's important to keep pushing forward during this time.


100 Hours

Purple Socks

Purple represents the sky changing color at dawn. The student is undergoing change as they push forward and begin setting their sights on the black socks. This is now an advanced student of mastery.


250 Hours

Gray Socks

Gray represents maturity, similar to brown in martial arts. Like the turns gray with age and wisdom, the student has matured into something new. The student will begin to see the benefits of their work.


500 Hours

Red Socks

Red is another representation of the sun, as the student nears it. The student is becoming very advanced. Red is also a sign of danger, signifying the fact that the student will now be able to use the skills they are acquiring on the field.


1000 Hours

Black Socks

Black signifies the first level of mastery and darkness beyond the sun. The student may now begin to teach others, but still continues to grow through a never-ending process of added knowledge, enlightenment, and ability.


For Managers

Support your players in owning their development. Techne adds value to what your group already offers through encouraging your players in their individual training, while fostering competition and community through our Leaderboards.

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