While Techne is focused on your players’ self-training when they are not with you, you are key in making them excited and motivated to use it. We’re happy to help you implement Techne as part of your group’s culture.

Here are some ‘best practices’ to drive engagement:

  • Communication. Your initial communication about the resource is vital. Do your players/families know that they’re getting access to the app? Do they understand what it is and how you expect them to use it? We’re happy to help you with this initial communication and you may need to follow up several times throughout the year. This is something exciting that you’re offering as added value to your players and they should be pumped about it!

  • Coaches’ buy-in. If you’re part of a club or group with many coaches, they are key in this process. The coaches are who the players interact with on a daily and weekly basis. If they talk about the app, reference the Leaderboards, and engage with the players about it, their team will use it significantly more. It can be as simple as having players show their favorite drill from the week at training or reminding them that the staff can see the time they’re logging as they go. We’re happy to hold a conference call or send information to your coaches to help drive this buy-in.

  • Celebrate your players. Use Techne as a chance to acknowledge those players who are devoting time to their individual training. We recommend opting in to receive our Weekly and Monthly Leaderboard email updates (in the Leaderboards tab in our Group Manager Portal). You’ll get the list right to your inbox so you can post it on social media, share it with the group, and give your players a shout-out at training. At the end of the day, publicly celebrating those players who are working hard on their own is the single best thing you can do to encourage others to work on their own, too.

  • Reward players for their training. Some groups also purchase our training socks so that they can reward players who reach each level of the Training Sock System in the app. We’re happy to get these to you at our cost. You can also come up with other fun training competitions. We’re happy to work with you on ideas and provide prizes.

  • Be patient. With all groups, adoption of something new can take time. You’ll likely have an initial group that latches on quickly. Aim at slowly adding to this group over time. It’s unreasonable to expect all players to immediately start training a ton on their own. It IS reasonable to expect all players to at least download the app and activate their account. We’ll work with you to then get more and more players logging time on a weekly basis.


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